Custom Home Building Kept Simple

In our process, there are only 3 steps that separate you from your dream home. Contact Us

1. Customize your plan with an Architect

The beginning of your home is determined by four simple factors: your lot size, neighborhood restrictions, your budget and lifestyle needs. Based on this information, we’re able to align you with one of our base designs meant to satisfy your needs. Not a perfect fit? No problem. Included in our price is the opportunity to work with our Architects to further customize the floor plans to fit you.

We’ve seen some really exciting changes including adding 5th bedrooms, extending the outdoor living space, and attic game-rooms. Any additions to the base house are then quickly priced so we can see how they affect your overall budget. This ensures that your home is unique to you and most importantly, on budget.

2. High-End Selections Made Easy

Our in-house showroom was created to make your selection process fluid and convenient. Don’t have any interest or time to select every specific item in your home? No problem! Included in the price is the chance to work with one of our in-house Interior Designers. Your designer will work with you to select from an array of fresh, exciting, high-end finishes.

Don’t drive all over Houston to choose plumbing fixtures in one location, and roof shingles in another. Make all of your selections conveniently in one location with professional assistance. Worried about being charged for upgrades? Don’t be! BuildFBG bypasses this problem by including in the price ALL items in the BuildFBG showroom. For example, in the showroom, you will find quartz countertops, wide-planked wood floors, delta plumbing fixtures and even LED lighting.  If you decide to splurge or swap out any item, we credit you the difference and give you a menu of your selections to approve or deny yourself! 

3. Let’s Get Started

You may have heard the stage between design and construction can really be a grind. While it’s true that city permitting and neighborhood restrictions have become increasingly difficult to navigate, BuildFBG works diligently with the governing entities to ensure your start date is expedited. Other builders attempt to bypass this challenge by paying expensive permit expediters to run your plans through the city at your cost.

At BuildFBG, we permit our own projects to ensure comments by the city and HOAs are promptly responded to and reflected in your drawings. Our ability to quickly respond to city building departments has always given us the quickest ability to start your project.

We Update Our Clients Daily

At BuildFBG, communication is one of our most valuable benefits. We utilize the industry's most advanced technology that gives you 24/7 access to what's happening with your home. In addition to this state-of-the-art communication system, we ensure there will always be an open dialogue between our team and your family before, during, and after building your home.

Think you're interested in building a custom home with BuildFBG? Let's talk!