Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, and we answer here.

Q: How much does a BuildFBG home cost?

A:  All BuildFBG home plans are offered at the same price-per-square-foot. Choose the plan with which you would like to start, and know that it is priced per-square-foot consistently with other homes in our Modern Plan Book. For more information on home prices, please contact us!

Q: How long is your build time?

A: BuildFBG was founded with the premise of constructing homes faster and with more efficiency. While other custom home builders can take more than a year to finish construction, BuildFBG takes less than a year — approximately 11 months from when you start the design to the keys in-hand.

What's included in the base price?

A: Custom design interiors, unparalleled advances in energy conservation and sustainability, and exceptional exterior features. To learn more, visit our included features page.

Q: How high can you build?

A: Our price includes a finish floor height tall enough to be meet the flood requirements for every area. For instance, in the City of Houston, our price includes a finish floor two feet above the 500 year flood plain. If you’d like it to be higher than what our engineers determine, we can accommodate.

Q: Can I make customizations to my home?

A: Of course! You can make whatever changes you desire. There are no rules. After working with an Architect to choose the base plan that best matches your needs, changes can be incorporated to adjust the plan to better fit your lifestyle or neighborhood restrictions.

Our favorite changes include adding 5th bedrooms, extending the outdoor living space, installing car lifts for 3rd car garages and even attic game rooms. Any additions to the base house are then quickly priced so you can assess how they affect your overall budget.

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