About BuildFBG

BuildFBG by Frankel Building Group was started in 2017 as a family-owned, 30-year-old custom home builder.
BriarGrove - Front of House - BuildFBG

Our Story

BuildFBG evolved from its roots as a family-owned Frankel Building Group in 2017. Growing from the same roots of Frankel Building Group’s 30 years of custom building, BuildFBG focuses on buyers wanting the same exquisite features, custom design experience, and topline build quality in a faster, more budget attentive package.

Each facet of BuildFBG’s process is a designed solution to very specific uncertainties every buyer faces when building a new home. Whether the question is “how much is it” or “how high will we have to build”, clear answers are ready and often built into the price.

BuildFBG’s Commitment to Top-Tier Customer Service

Jim Frankel, Frankel Building Group’s Founder and current Chairman, made a name for himself and his business by rendering first-class luxury homes and providing the highest level of customer care since 1988. More than 30 years later, that commitment to excellent customer satisfaction has yet to waver. BuildFBG is yet another exemplar of that commitment to meet and exceed the needs of customers.

Building and designing stunning custom homes is one thing. But creating a legacy of highly satisfied customers and a network of long-standing friendships stemming from those individuals is another feat entirely. No matter the stage of construction, BuildFBG’s team will be personally available to answer any questions you have.

We look forward to making your dreams a reality!